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    Brand Values


    Hermione de Paula puts hand and heart into every piece she creates. Known for bringing colour to bridal through unique ombré variations and unexpected touches, Hermione’s couture training is the sacre coeur of her collections. Everything is made by hand, with love and the promise that special memories will be made wearing it.


    The natural world is central to Hermione’s inspiration and life purpose; she champions sustainable practises. All pieces are hand made to order and materials dyed in small quantities with offcuts repurposed for appliqués and small accessories. The atelier is proud to support local artisans and preserve the heritage of traditional British craftsmanship.


    The House of Hermione de Paula is family owned, that spirit is embodied in the ethos of its small atelier team and the often lasting relationships fostered with each and every client.

    Each design evolves from sketches, patterns, toiles, and embroideries drawn from Hermione’s inspiration and memories and executed through small specialist teams dedicated to each stage of the dress.

    Celebrated for her bespoke creations and signature personalisation, Hermione is inspired by the uniqueness of love and the diversity of her clients.


    Conceiving, capturing and crafting beautiful garments for special moments is Hermione’s raison d’être. Hermione de Paula is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind designs with expertly structured silhouettes and infinitely feminine details. Unique hand embroideries and hand-painted prints showcase the brand’s soul: Hermione juxtaposes timeless silhouettes with contemporary details to create wearable art, her collections transcend seasons, each piece tells a story, to be treasured as an heirloom.


    For many women, their wedding gown is the most special item they will ever wear or own. The journey to create that perfect dress a is a creative process, an intimate collaboration between Hermione and the bride, rooted in trust. It is a responsibility Hermione feels honoured to hold.

    Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

    Jonathan Swift
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