Cross pollinating favourite flora & fauna from the world of HdeP, explore our botanical library of embroideries, colours and silhouettes along with the introduction of new design elements inviting the bride to create her own botanical landscape.

This creative service invites our bride to explore the world of Hdep in its entirety. Taking inspiration from Hermione de Paula’s botanical library, you will work directly with Hermione and the design team on tailoring our embroideries, techniques, colours and silhouettes to your unique vision. This service involves a high level of communication and support throughout the process allowing our bride the opportunity to see behind the seams as all that she has imagined is brought to life. Sketches and swatches will be created specifically to your design, alongside toile fittings and artwork development to help you imagine the final couture vison. Your gown artwork will be hand drawn directly into your pattern pieces and engineered to your unique specifications, adding in final design notes full of secret messages, names, dates and drawings hidden within the botanics.

Design and fitting appointments can be conducted in person at our London studio or virtually, as our atelier has over a decade of experience embarking on creative adventures with brides from all over the world. Each couture creation requires its own detailed design timeline which will be developed with you for a clear idea of your unique process from start to finish. Once your gown is created, couture hand finishings are conducted to perfect your heirloom art, embroidering over construction seams and adding additional coverage. Final fittings to check and ensure impeccable fit will be conducted at our in-house London atelier if suitable for your location. Alternatively, shipping will be arranged direct to you and local alterations services advised where possible. Our in-house team will be available on video call to support you through any final touches of the process.

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