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Hermione de Paula for Wallis launched in May 2016, the designer drawing inspiration from her travels to Thailand, and its national bird the peacock, to combine her signature floral prints into a seriously covetable capsule 12-piece collection. "I've always loved flowers and even keep a pressed flower diary from my travels. I find it's a way for me to make note of or document different memories and refer back to the flowers I find for inspiration for prints - much like these for Wallis," she says. On separates, dresses and her now signature kimono wraps, her intricate prints perfectly manipulate the eye to combine her love of the traditional English country garden with the exotic jungle palms of South East Asia. "What appears as hanging wisteria from afar is actually a peacock's head and tail when you see it in more detail." And, in keeping with the designer's celebration and attention to artisanal craft, Hermione paid tribute to the silk weavers in Northern Thailand. "The woven palms also represent the silk weavers I worked with." Thai Silk Jacquards take from four months to one year to make. "We had the honour of working with these pieces of art and make dresses to present at the palace for the Queen of Thailand's birthday. The punched confetti orchids represent my recent launch into the bridal world."