Featuring Dance Artist Muse: Nicola Collie
Directors: Alistair Vlok & Hermione de Paula
Director of Photography: Alistair Vlok
Art Direction & Flowers: Hermione de Paula
Hair & Make up: Sonia Reshetnikova
Editor: Chris Roebuck @ Tenthree
Colourist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Electric Theatre Collective
Original Music Composed and Performed by: David Ellis @ Ellisland Music
Filmed in California's "tree chapel' hilltop oasis with an Art-Deco feel in a natural environment designed by renowned organic
architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This sanctuary sits nestled in a grove of towering redwood trees surrounded by 3.5 acres of beautifully
landscaped lawns, rose gardens with a panoramic ocean view of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island.