Sentimental Dates

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    Sentimental Dates

    Magical Milestones

    We can work any special significant date into your gown artwork: first date, wedding date, children birthdays and more


    One of our most popular options is bespoke personalisation of the cuff of the sleeve; the wedding date by the ring finger and the first date in the same position on the right

    Heart on Sleeve

    If you can’t wear your heart on your sleeve on your wedding day, when can you?

    Amongst The Flowers & Vines

    A signature Hermione personalisation, messages hidden within the blooms

    Heirloom Veil

    Many Hermione de Paula brides keep their veil to pass down for the next generation to add their wedding date

    Leg Split

    Draw the eye to flirty detail running down the leg split of your bridal gown


    Hermione de Paula often designs her gowns with a break in the embroidery artwork, so the dresses can be given a second life, remodelled into mini dresses and the trains kept and framed for posterity

    Finishing Touches

    The talented atelier team at Hermione de Paula can stitch all manner of messages within your gown, from collars and belts, to straps or secret messages written in the lining

    "So decorative you could imagine displaying it in your home as an art piece, as well as wearing it"

    I-D Magazine