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    Bespoke Colour


    Once described as a ‘horticulture exploration of haute bridal’, collections by the house of Hermione de Paula are synonymous with exquisite floral embroideries. Based in a grade one listed English heritage protected farm cottage, nestled alongside the historic Kenwood House on London’s Hampstead Heath, the Hermione de Paula atelier is surrounded by the flora that inspires Hermione’s designs.


    Hermione’s curiosity for the beauty of the natural world has taken her around the globe: old passports filled with stamps sit alongside extraordinary pressed flowers hand picked from far flung destinations, nestled between the pages. Her camera full of images to sketch upon returning home and turning into embroideries.

    Famed for her art couture aesthetic and creating one-of-a-kind designs with expertly structured silhouettes and feminine details, Hermione’s love of nature and couture training is at the heart of her collections.


    Within each collection, every design evolves from sketches, patterns, toiles, and embroideries drawn from Hermione’s inspiration and memories and executed through small specialist teams dedicated to each stage of the dress. All pieces are hand made to order and materials dyed in small quantities with offcuts repurposed for appliques and small accessories.


    Renowned for bringing colour to bridal through unique ombré variations and unexpected touches, Hermione is an abstract thinking with an intensely visual imagination. She sketches the world around her, dreams and fantasy, in pencil and paint. This is translated onto finished gowns as painterly embroideries, often blending over 150 threads in a complex and rich spectrum of tones.

    Coined ‘Art Couture’, many clients frame embroideries from their dress, as an artwork an ever-lasting memory.


    Taking inspiration from the natural work, artworks bloom from an ever-growing and evolving botanical library for unique hand embroideries and hand-painted prints that showcase the brand’s heritage.

    The intricacies of the artwork make them impossible to replicate and give the Hermione de Paula brand a uniqueness of vision more often associated with art.


    As a single hand drawing evolves from pencil to paint brush, silk threads and beading, to hand cut appliques and artistic stitching, Hermione de Paula embroidery grows from bud to bloom. Artwork is hand drawn and engineered into every panel of the gown, first onto paper and then to hand embroidered panels before being cut and constructed into their finished gown.

    "So decorative you could imagine displaying it in your home as an art piece, as well as wearing it"

    I-D Magazine
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