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    Timeless silhouettes with multiple style options are combined with Hermione’s favourite embroideries to create a uniquely personal collection of dresses from her romantic archive.

    Browse the collection and create your Made to Order look from over 300 style options. Gowns can be fully personalised with embroidered messages and images. Please view our gallery for personal message inspiration.

    Book a virtual or physical consultation with us to explore the endless possibilities.

    Moonrise Reef

    The sacre coeur of her collections, Hermione de Paula’s couture expertise is woven into each of her one- of-a-kind designs. Sketches, patterns, toiles, and embroideries are drawn from Hermione’s inspiration and memories, all handmade by small specialist teams dedicated to each stage of every creation.

    Hermione de Paula created a collection of dresses that emulates the details in the jewellery collection. Intricate embroideries feature the fern, rosebud and blossom motifs, and the dusky hues of the precious gemstones are featured throughout the colour scheme of the garments. Mini dresses, thigh-high slits and embellishments that include tassels and chains in shades of gold, silver and pearl are perfect for the engagement party or rehearsal dinner.

    The collection consists of engagement and wedding rings, and bridal jewellery by Taylor & Hart, inspired by the themes and details from Hermione de Paula’s design vision. Hermione’s passion for home-grown organic forms and exquisite floral embroideries is influenced by her Devon roots, and the vibrant sunsets of her tropical travels. 

    Hermione de Paula x Taylor and Hart

    Aligned on the underlying principles of quality and considered craftsmanship in their bespoke creations, world-renowned bridal brands Taylor & Hart and Hermione de Paula have collaborated on a collection of intricate jewellery designs, inspired by organic shapes and motifs from the natural world. Both brands pride themselves on crafting one-of-a-kind heirlooms that tell the unique stories of their clients through bespoke design. 

    Taylor & Hart’s roots stem from extraordinary love stories and the engagement and wedding rings that reflect them. With locations in London and New York, the brand always retains a hands-on, heartfelt, and fully collaborative approach. Design Director Kate Earlam-Charnley balances modern aesthetics with timeless traditions, embedding a unique perspective in her creations, which positions her as a powerful presence in the industry.

    On the Hermione de Paula collaboration, Kate says: “Our vision was to craft a deeply meaningful jewellery collection that captures the intricate hand-embroidery and fluidity of Hermione’s gowns. The exquisite organic shapes and floral motifs that are woven onto her bridal creations are now mirrored in a cherished engagement or wedding ring that can be worn every day.” 

    The collection consists of engagement and wedding rings, and bridal jewellery by Taylor & Hart, inspired by the themes and details from Hermione de Paula’s design vision. Hermione’s passion for home-grown organic forms and exquisite floral embroideries is influenced by her Devon roots, and the vibrant sunsets of her tropical travels. 

    Every piece of jewellery can be purchased from Taylor & Hart.


    This summer Tythe hosted designer Hermione de Paula and her crew for a two-day shoot in what is the label’s tenth anniversary in luxury bridal design.

    For Hermione’s tenth year anniversary in bridal, photographer Kristin Vicari captured former Dolce & Gabbana model and muse Frankie Herbert (plus her adorable dog Chick) in a selection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind looks from the archive collection.

    This sustainable collection represents a selection of new, cleverly reimagined looks of HdeP signatures and favourite artworks across bridal and evening wear, using off-cuts and existing prints from previous campaign collections. Watch out for standout pieces including a hand draped couture rose mini dress, a crystal butterfly and fern lace bralette and an ‘invisible’ mini scattered with couture 3D flowers.

    The team at Tythe also got a first glimpse at Hermione’s new bespoke, personalised dog bows, made with coordinating fabrics to the bridal looks. Plus, her sustainable bespoke homewares – think silky robes and matching floral scatter cushions.

    Moon Phases

    Inspired by the darkness of a new moon, how it brings time for reflection and exploring the unseen, this season we’re giving thoughtful appreciation of the beauty of darkness. A collection designed for marvellous ceremonies and sensational after-party celebrations. ‘Moon Phases’ is a creative a continuation of our previous body of work. Inspired by gardening in harmony with the phases of the moon.

    The moon has four ‘phases.’ The amount of moonlight at different times, influences the growth of plants. This season we’re connecting with the phases of the Moon, tapping into our deep desire as a brand to be in as in tune with nature as possible. We’re taking a moment to connect to new rhythms and cycles outside of the often frantic pace of our busy studio schedule. Plants have a circadian rhythm just as do humans, animals and birds. Certain processes take place within the plant at certain times that stimulate different kinds of growth. Studies show that the moon affects how a plant grows, in the same way it affects the oceans’ tides.

    Lunar Garden

    Hermione de Paula’s 2023 Couture Collection is inspired by the concept of the moon, sea and stars as a harmonious natural governance.

    The story takes us from the constellations in the sky, through the zodiacs and the celestial river of the cosmos, diving through verdant plant life and into the depths of the oceanic world.

    Featuring new embroideries and beading, and the debut of entirely new silhouettes, this is a bold new direction for the House, with a Collection inspired by lunar and underwater worlds entwined. In this cyclical world, the moon is a guiding force with a strong influence on the ocean, whilst underwater seashells hold the energy of the moon phases. This is a collection rich in beautiful symbolism.


    Kadō is an ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. Rather that offering an over flowering bouquet, the tradition, literally translated as ‘way of flowers’, presents individual blossoms one at a time, building up an arrangement, allowing the viewer to enjoy each aspect of the whole.

    In Kadō tradition, every flower communicates a special message. It is this language of symbolism which lies at the core of Hermione de Paula and a collection celebrating artistic expression of the heart and mind.



    Virēre | I am verdant, green; I sprout new green growth. I flourish; I am lively, vigorous.

    The Virēre collection centres around the idea of transformation and renewal. Inspired by underwater gardens, waterfalls and ruffly Tridacna clam shells, layers of the finest fabrics are covered in intricate embroideries, hand painted silks and hand crafted 3D silk organza hand dyed flowers.

    Signature Garden

    Browse the enduring silhouettes from Hermione’s signature botanical library of embroideries.

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