An intimate journey between Bride & Hermione, and the design & tailoring team. Travelling through her world we collaboratively craft a one of a kind wearable art creation of her favourite botanics entwined to tell the unique love story between her and her partner, resulting in the bride's personal universe within the dress.

Our Love Story service involves an exciting and exhilarating adventure, embarking on a complete design odyssey, working directly with Hermione and her team of artists to develop a gown designed to document your history. With your past present and future woven into the fabrics, each piece is an entirely individual and personal work of art. A rich memoir of you and your partner’s love, telling its tale in silk threads whether expressed via big and blooming colourful displays of shared passions or delicately hidden within secret coded symbols and symbolic flora and fauna. With surreptitiously stitched coordinates to far-off utopias symbolising all the places you have travelled together landscapes and landmarks create a map of your relationship within your heart coded gown. An embroidered diary dreamscape full of native flowers from those special trips recalls everything that brought you closer over the years and creates an heirloom treasure to be passed down and added to by your future generations. The tales of the tapestry can be revealed or kept concealed for only those who learn your secret language should you wish them to read it.

As a single hand drawing evolves from pencil to paint brush, silk threads and beading, to hand cut appliques and artistic stitching, a series of swatches begins to form and allows our bride to hand select every individual detail. As your embroidery grows from bud to bloom, our tailoring team will construct your silhouette made uniquely to your measurements and perfected with a series of toile fittings. Once shape is finalized, your artwork is then hand drawn and engineered into every panel of your gown as scale and embroidery placement comes to life. Paper artwork advances to embroidery panels before being cut and constructed forming your wearable art creation. Couture finishing’s are added by hand to conceal seams and refine your artwork to precision and a series of final fittings will also be carried out to check and perfect fit.

Your unique artwork is not limited to your couture wedding gown but can also be translated into other beautiful pieces for the big day. Once your artwork has been developed for you it's yours to share across your whole wedding should you wish. Hermione de Paula creates bespoke 'Wedding Party' outfits for Bridesmaids, your Maid of Honour and the Mother of the Bride where an essence of your artwork can be transformed into something unique with matching embroidery or print to work harmoniously with your bridal gown resulting in your own personal capsule collection.

Alternatively, the original hand drawings and paintings created for your gown can be further developed into high quality printed silks for the lining of your partner's suit with matching pocket squares or ties for him and his groomsman. Add a personalised touch with your unique artwork and include a secret hidden message to each of your loved ones across wedding stationary or decorations. Your unique artwork and embroidery also translate perfectly to bridal robes to wear on the morning of your magical day for you and your bridal party with names embroidered on the back or a set of beaded initials on the front for you to treasure forever. Matching eye masks and travel pillows can be created as the perfect plane comforter as you set off for your honeymoon. Our Love Story bride's artwork has even been tattooed on her husband for a second wedding anniversary. The possibilities are truly endless.

Time, detail and trust is important in this process as Hermione and the creative team work on turning visionary ideas into reality. We celebrate the luxury artisanal craftsmanship which goes into creating this heirloom art, each and every piece having its own personality. Ultimately the memory of making it becomes another layer to the stories hidden within it. Diving in and exploring this world of opportunities for your embroidery, print, design and detail is an unparalleled and exhilarating experience which we can guarantee will be a creative explosive right from your heart and stimulate all of your senses. Whatever the fantasy, Hermione de Paula can make it happen, like the chrysalis to butterfly metamorphosis or a rose bud unfurling into full bloom. Dresses usually take a minimum six months to create depending on your unique design and timeline, however if the deadline requires, we will always endeavour to make magic happen. Working backwards from budget and wedding date we will let you know the possibilities.

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