Love and dance embody the collocation of the profound and personal, hidden and explicit. Since Nataraja initiated the cosmic cycle of life and death, dance and marriage have symbolised the expression of beauty, happiness and grace we all strive to understand and embrace. Both are a repository of surrender and control, an echo of the clandestine and universal.

At HdeP we feel there is no conflict between joy and solemnity. Hidden messages and flowers with symbolism woven into our embroidery offer the opportunity to convey personal moments just as wearing our gown gives you the freedom to express the love and happiness in your soul. During the maelstrom of life this is your day to shut out the rest of the noise, focus your energies on the celebration of your journey and enjoy the most fun you have ever had together.

Featuring dance artist Nicola Collie inspired by the Dance of Bliss Shiva which initiated as the source of all the movement within the cosmos. Immerse yourself for a moment in Nicola’s journey towards Anugraha.

Filmed in California's Tree Chapel hilltop oasis in a natural environment designed by the son of renowned organic architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This sanctuary sits nestled in a grove of towering Redwood trees surrounded by beautifully landscaped lawns and rose gardens with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island.


Featuring Dance Artist Muse: Nicola Collie
Directors: Alistair Vlok & Hermione de Paula
Director of Photography: Alistair Vlok
Art Direction & Flowers: Hermione de Paula
Hair & Make up: Sonia Reshetnikova
Editor: Chris Roebuck @ Tenthree
Colourist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Electric Theatre Collective
Original Music Composed and Performed by: David Ellis @ Ellisland Music