Naomi Shimada x The Pink Lake

Enter the exotic world of Xochiquetzal this season as you elope with Hermione de Paula for your winter wedding. Taking inspiration from her favourite real brides and the beguiling lost Goddess of exquisite flowers and feminine empowerment Hermione de Paula’s new Fall collection invites you to embrace your own love for each other. Envelope yourself in the beauty of true happiness and join Naomi Shimada, Hermione and renowned photographer Kristin Vicari in this series of vignettes as they search for the dancing Goddess who gave roses their scent and women a taste for life. The Hermione de Paula bride doesn’t need anything apart from love and the freedom to feel herself.

Muse: Naomi Shimada @ Storm Artists
Director: Kristin Vicari
Photography: Kristin Vicari
Drone Operator: Jack Smith
Makeup and Hair by Khandiz Joni
Editor: Amanda Jenkins @ Tenthree
Colourist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Electric Theatre Collective
Music: Glass Animals
Music Licensing: Beggars Music

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