Our exquisite collection of crowns and floral adornments have been designed and developed in collaboration with the fantastically talented and V&A acknowledged jewellery artist Christopher Thompson Royds. Each piece is a loving interpretation of Hermione's embroidery hand made from 18K gold, rose gold or white gold. All unique and hand sculpted by Christopher they represent a piece of wearable heirloom art – the synergy of Hermione's floral aesthetic and Christopher's almost wistful longing to preserve the ephemeral moment a beautiful flower is picked but cannot be captured.

These bespoke creations can be made in your favourite flowers to match a bouquet, hand painted in personalised colours and the petals individually engraved with your special dates, initials or a small message. Diamonds and other precious gems can also be embedded into the petals to conjure up a truly unique and stunning signature to your wedding outfit. The two designers are also working on smaller more delicate wildflower crowns and single flower floral clusters which can be individually inserted into your hair to add a flawless accent to your magical day.

For bespoke order equiries please email: bespoke@hermionedepaula.com
For press & VIP loan please email: hello@hermionedepaula.com