Hermione is celebrated for her design house’s art couture collections, bespoke creations, customisations and signature personalisation. Notably it was VOGUE USA who credited her with establishing sentimental personalisation as a trend which has subsequently influenced bridal couture globally.

"Hermione de Paula is setting a new trend for hidden messages and symbols on her gowns... Custom embroidery with your initials, wedding date, or a quote from a love letter woven into the design might be the next big bridal trend. Hermione de Paula is quietly making this her signature in her London studio, offering endless options for brides who want something a little extra for their big day." VOGUE USA

Personal Messages

- Past, Present, Future -

Hermione de Paula wedding dresses tell the story of love and the threads of our brides history – the personal details from their past present and future woven into them. Creating dresses sustainably is at the heart of Hermione's design philosophy. As an artist, Hermione has always felt profoundly affected by her environment, its history and her role in its future. In addition to each gown being handcrafted as a piece of heirloom art to cherish and pass down to future generations.

Hermione's 'trend setting' personal messages can be hidden among fern's and seascapes, or embroidered centrally for all your guest to admire. Hand embroider your wedding date, sentimental names or those special loved ones who can't attend the day. 

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Transitional Pieces

Transform your outfit with a removable sleeve for a more covered, day time look and then reveal a strapless evening gown. Use over or under lays to add length and volume to a mini gown for a dramatic change.

Veils and Capes

Hermione's embroidered veils pair perfectly with any gown or wedding look. Choose a matching embroidery to go with your dress, or choose a modern cape to pair with a tailored pant suit. Have you dates and love notes surreptitiously stitched within the artwork, frame it as a piece of art, or hand down for generations to come. 

Other Events and Evening

A printed look for reception dinner, or an embroidered mini for the post morning brunch, Hermione’s pieces can be worn across multiple days creating different looks with transitional elements. Trainless column silhouettes and hand painted sleeves are perfect for a black-tie, or red-carpet event. 

Virere Credits

Creative Director: Hermione de Paula
Fashion + Art Director: Sara Gilmour
Photographer: Alistair Vlok
Fine Jewellery: Christopher Thompson Royds