Hermione de Paula Brand Concept

Hermione de Paula embodies a world in which unparalleled handcraft, exquisite art and the creation of wonderful memories meet. Made by heart and hand each wedding dress is a piece of art. This is a unique dress you will cherish and we will cherish making with you.

We create luxury bridal couture dresses, lingerie and swimwear with skilled artisans and celebrate their craftsmanship so our fabrics and processes are of the highest quality. We also don't want to contribute more waste to the world than is needed so only make to order which ensures quality and environmental respect at every stage. HdeP wedding dresses are a true luxury in a world of fast fashion.

HdeP Bridal

Made by heart and hand each unique wedding dress is a piece of art. It is a dream day so we want you to love and treasure the journey of creating this special piece as much as you do wearing it.